Welcome to NCA Entertainment

"San Diego's Fun Zone"

Welcome to NCA Entertainment "San Diego's Fun Zone"  (Neighborhood and Community Amusements)  NCA delivers amusement ride fun zones to special events of all sizes.  From marquis rides at a street fair to a kiddie rides for a pre school.  NCA has been featured at many events including; street fairs, parades, spring flings, fall festivals, church celebrations, company picnics, grad nights, school carnivals, halloween carnivals, pumpkin patches, lunar new years, new years eve, 4th of july, and fiestas patrias.   
Mission Statement:
NCA strives to deliver safe, quality fun zone entertainment making memories that parents can share with their children, and memories that children can share with their parents....now and forever.
NCA Entertainment was founded in 1988 in the Paradise Hills community of San Diego, by Greg Nicita.  Since then, NCA has reached out and branched out to communities across San Diego and beyond.  Today, NCA is head-quartered in Chula Vista, and now reaches neighbors in all directions as far away as Yuma Arizona, Palm Springs/Indio, Los Angeles/Orange County and Santa Barbara.
Rental prices do vary according to seasonal demand, and peak days of the year.  July 4th and October 31st are subject to peak day pricing.  Other factors that determine price are: delivery distance from yard to the event site, and size of the event.  There are also creative pricing options.  For events that qualify for ticket selling, the ticket price schedule is: $1 each ticket, or $25 for 28 tickets, Package #1.  Or $50 for 60 tickets, Package #2. Pricing includes: generator, insurance certificate, and staffing.
Round Up:
foot print- 35 x 45, size restrictions 42" minimum - 240lb max.  4 tickets  round up reservations: booking@socalcarnival.com
foot print- 60' circle, size restrictions  48" minimum solo, 42" with guardian- 350lb max in car.  4 tickets  sizzler reservations:  booking@socalcarnival.com
foot print- 60' circle, size restrictions  42" minimum - 220lb max  4 tickets  swing reservations: booking@socalcarnival.com
Bumper Car:
foot print- 30 x 50', size restrictions  52" solo driver, 42" passenger with guardian driver - 350lb max in car.  4 tickets driver, 2 tickets passenger.  bumper car reservations: booking@socalcarnival.com
Flying Elephant:
foot print- 35' circle, size restrictions 36" minimum - 120lb maximum.  3 tickets  flying elephant reservations: booking@socalcarnival.com
Dragon Adventure:
foot print- 25' x 30', size restrictions 36" minimum- 120lb maximum.  3 tickets   dragon adventure reservations: booking@socalcarnival.com
Frog Hopper: 
foot print- 10' x 20', size restrictions 36" minimum- 750lb on bench. 3 tickets   frog hopper reservations:   booking@socalcarnival.com
Russian Castle:
foot print- 30' x 45 size restrictions 36" minimum- 120 lb max.  2 tickets   russian castle reservations:   booking@socalcarnival.com
Wave Slide:
foot print- 30' x 45' size restrictions 36" minimum- 120lb max. 2 tickets.  wave slide reservations:  booking@socalcarnival.com
To feature the NCA fun zone at your event, please email the details of your event, eg, date, hours, school, church, birthday party, street fair, etc.  email the NCA office at: booking@socalcarnival.com  or if your email access is limited, the office voice mail can be reached at: 619 405 3349.