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School Carnival planning and fundraising is easy with NCA Entertainment!

The leader in Amusement Ride Rentals!

Are you organizing a school carnival or fundraiser in San Diego, Los Angeles, or Orange County? Look no further than NCA Entertainment for an unforgettable event experience. School carnivals and fundraisers are not only great opportunities to raise funds but also provide fun-filled family events for the entire community. At NCA Entertainment, we specialize in carnival ride rentals designed to delight guests of all ages. With a wide range of exciting inflatable games and mechanical rides, we have everything you need to create a memorable event. Let us take your school carnival to new heights of excitement in all cities across San Diego County.

  1. Amusement for All Ages:

At NCA Entertainment, we understand the importance of amusement for guests of all ages. Our carnival ride rentals are carefully selected to cater to diverse preferences and age groups. From thrilling mechanical rides to engaging inflatable games, we offer a variety of options to keep everyone entertained throughout the event. Choose from our impressive selection of thrilling carnival and amusement rides, inflatable bounce houses, slides, obstacle courses, games and concessions such as popcorn, snowcone, and cotton candy to add an extra layer of excitement to your festival.

  1. Unforgettable School Carnivals:

School carnivals are fantastic opportunities to raise funds and bring the community together. At NCA Entertainment, we provide a comprehensive range of offerings to enhance your school carnival experience. From photo booths and rides to carnival games, we have everything you need to create a fun-filled event that will leave lasting memories. Our inflatable games and carnival rides will keep attendees engaged and entertained, ensuring a successful and enjoyable school carnival for all.

  1. Successful School Fundraisers:

When it comes to school fundraisers, the right combination of carnival games and rides can make all the difference. NCA Entertainment offers premium carnival games as well.  Our experienced staff will ensure the safety of riders, allowing parents, teachers, and staff to relax and enjoy the event.

  1. Accommodating Events of All Sizes:

No matter the size of your school carnival or fundraiser, NCA Entertainment has the capacity to accommodate your needs. Whether you're expecting a crowd of 50 or 50,000 guests, our professional team is equipped to handle events of all sizes. With our extensive school carnival experience, we can help you plan and execute a memorable event that exceeds your expectations.


When it comes to school carnivals and fundraisers in San Diego County, NCA Entertainment is the trusted choice for carnival ride rentals. Our wide range of rides, inflatable games, and dedicated staff ensure an unforgettable experience for guests of all ages. Contact us today to discuss your school carnival or fundraiser requirements and let us help you create a vibrant and successful event that will leave lasting memories for everyone involved.

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